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RBLcheck is a program that assists against the annoyance of spam email.
It can be used to check email messages whether they were sent though well-known open mail relays, or other frequently used hosts on the Internet.
It does so by checking the hops the email message went against some real-time blacklists. If found, it tags the message with the score. What you want to do with the message, is up to you; you can build filters to check the tags added by RBLcheck, and act upon them.


  • Configurable with any text editor
  • Expandable: can check with virtually unlimited number of RBL’s
  • Scoring per RBL
  • Extensive logging of what the program does
  • Usable with email programs that are able to call external programs
  • Usable with any email client that uses POP3 to fetch messages, through the POPprxy package

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